Barn Find Saddle


So I found this saddle in my father in law's barn. His father had purchased it an auction 70 years ago. All he could tell me is that it was a military saddle. I've since figured out that it is a Universal Pattern 1912 Swivel Tree. The rest I have no idea. I have included pictures of the only markings I have found so far.
This is how I got it.
[imgImageIMG_3716 by trent_lalonde, on Flickr][/img]

[imgImageIMG_3747 by trent_lalonde, on Flickr][/img]
Sorry for the links, having trouble posting pictures.
ImageIMG_3755 by trent_lalonde, on Flickr[/img]

ImageIMG_3756 by trent_lalonde, on Flickr[/img]

ImageIMG_3805 by trent_lalonde, on Flickr][/img]

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What a lovely find!

I lucked across a 1912 swivel tree UP three years ago, and I LOVE it. It was in great shape, and I made it even better with cleaning. It is my absolute favorite (and I'm a saddle collector/hoarder), and i ride in it weekly. My horse approves of the design, and I feel like I'm glued to the saddle.

What are your plans for the saddle? What area are you from? I'm in BC, Canada.

Have a great day!