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I need help: several years ago, in connection with the biography of Brig. Gen. Harry D. Chamberlin that I am finishing, a gentleman and I engaged in a short email conversation regarding the man's mother. I cannot locate the emails in my files, the email rosters of two email accounts, and anywhere else! I hope to track the man down. In the final tuning of the biography for my publisher, I hope to acknowledge the man, his mother, and his father. I am fine tuning the biography. It will be released on and on the publisher Xenophon Press website in a few months.

When the man was a boy, in the early 1940's, his family lived on the post at Ft. Riley. While Chamberlin commanded the 2nd U.S. Cavalry, then the CRTC, and then the 1st Brigade of the 2nd Cavalry Division, he would ride on his horse past this man's home every morning and late afternoon on his way to and from his commands. The man's mother, on Friday afternoons, would bake a pie that she would give to Chamberlin on his way back home. This happened every Friday late afternoon.

The lady's husband was an NCO and did not serve directly under Chamberlin. The lady had no direct connection with the General. At the same time, she knew OF Chamberlin and respected his accomplishments as the great horseman who brought Olympic and other international honors to the U.S. Cavalry. The pies were her way of showing her appreciation, respect, and admiration for Chamberlin.

This feeling proved widespread among the enlisted ranks and the officer corps at Ft. Riley and in the rest of the U.S. Cavalry. If anyone might know of the person who sent me the emails, then please let me know! I cannot find the emails. Thank you all in advance!

Warren Matha

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