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Eve Iversen

Dear Fellow Historians,

I’m looking for the manufacturing patterns, and specifications of the materials of the Ordnance Model 1916, and 1936 Phillips Officer’s Saddle with cantle roll support. I also need the same information for the pommel and cantle bags with liners for both models. I’m giving these to a saddler to make a 1916 and refurbish my existing 1936. I also need the bags for both.

Several saddlers I contacted told me they are retiring and the order is too difficult. I know there are two companies that still make this gear but the person I’m working with is eager to fill my order. Can anyone help me find these blueprints for these items?

As a matter of personal curiosity I’d like to find the blueprints of the “China Special”. It was used by units stationed at the US treaty port, Embassy, and other places after the Boxer Rebellion. It’s sized for American troop to ride the smaller Chinese horses.

I appreciate your experience and help with this task.
Many Thanks, Eve

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Many Ordnance Dept and Quartermaster blueprints are available for the '36 equipment set, and perhaps some for the other you mention.

I'm curious as to what saddle you are speaking of with the title "Ordnance Model 1916' - there were quite a number of experimental types in that time period, and the names were varied.

I've attached an example of a typical QMC blueprint of the 1936 cantle bag - this is the format for these drawings.

1936_cantle_bag_1-6-5.png (397.54 KiB) Viewed 149 times
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The first two sites are pretty self-explanatory. The National Archives site is more for the more dedicated researcher.

There was a web site that sold DVDs, such as Ft. Lee Blueprints, and Rock Island Arsenal Blueprints, which I have. ... ures-guide and, are two makers of reproduction cavalry equipment. Whether they would be willing to share any information? I don't know.

This subject tends to quickly become a rabbit hole, but if you have the time/patients...

Best of luck.
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