Re-print of Chamberlin's Training Hunters, Jumpers, and Hacks.

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I have written a new introduction to General Chamberlin's classic work Training Hunters, Jumpers, and Hacks. Xenophon Publishing just released the new edition. The introduction provides a foretaste of what the reader will find in my soon- to- be published biography of the General entitled "General Chamberlin: America's Equestrian Genius". Xenophon will release the biography later this year.

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Wonderful news, Warren. I'm looking forward to the biography. I remember when you first mentioned the project. What, maybe ten years ago? I'm not familiar with Xenophon press, a fitting name though. I can think of at least three three editions, or different publishers, since Eugene Connett's handsome Derrydale press. I'm sure there's been more. It's great to hear that it's back in print again. Thanks for the hard work.

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