Help please identifying Rifle Bucket

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Hello all,
I’m new here and hoping some of you fine people can help me with identifying a leather rifle bucket i picked up the other day.
I bought the bucket off a gentleman who had it for the past 20+ years and he thought it to be related to the 10th Light Horse from here in Western Australia. Some quick investigation suggested that it was very unlikely to have that origin and after a few more hours trolling i was really no closer to identifying what i have. Who knew there were so many variations of rifle buckets, it was quite an education.

The only reference i could find to a bucket that matched the design and construction of what i have was at, listed as Original British WW1 SMLE .303 Cavalry Saddle Rifle Bucket, maker markings of Cole Bros. 1916.
I have scoured the bucket and can find no makers marks, stamps or anything to identify the buckets maker / origin.
Reviewing some other posts on this forum i checked all the places marking should be, strap and arm etc. with no luck.
I thought it may be a reproduction, but as the design matched the one above even down to the position and type of the brass / copper rivets (repros i’ve seen don’t go down to this level of detail), i am really no closer to solving the puzzle.

If anyone has information they could share it would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks and stay safe!
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